Are you ready to find that sweet spot where

money & motivation meet?

Are you bordering on burn out, weary of working online only to be barely making ends meet?

You’re exhausted. Tired of juggling all these tasks only for one to slip and suddenly…CRASH!

Back to square one.

You think to yourself “School will be starting soon, I’ll get back on track then…”

Only once summer ends, you’ll end up stuck.

Stuck in the planning phase….

Stuck writing a blog post that never leaves the drafts…

Stuck in the cycle of “Well maybe this will work…”

Stuck trying to get ahead while the end of the year creeps ever closer…

It’s time to Unstick Your StuckTM!

Unstick Your StuckTM is an 8-week mastermind group program in which we combine structure with accountability + strategic planning. Not only will you have ME (Amber Temerity) there to advise you as we develop YOUR very own road map to profits, but you’ll have an entire group to turn to whenever you need additional support or guidance. Every week there will be two live business-building workshops to come together and not just create, but implement. 

Unstick Your StuckTM allows you to take a step back, catch your breath, and cultivate confidence in your ability to regain your footing as you stride toward success.

It’s the mastermind program you’ve been looking for.

You’re here for a reason!

I KNOW that deep down you’re 100% confident in what you have to offer, you wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t…but you struggle with getting it in front of those who need it. How can you sell if no one sees what you have to offer? 

I’ve been deep out in the lake of doubt myself before, treading water for the last few months with the mantra of “soon, soon, soon…” playing on repeat in your head.

And I’m sure you’ve had a couple great months here or there, but income on a consistent basis is a rarity (and yet SO necessary!!)

Please don’t let another week go by where you toy with the idea of quitting – or worse starting over – YOU have it in you to be a success. I know this for YOU just as I’ve always known it for myself. The Universe wants to see you succeed!

Working with Amber totally turned my blog around. I went into it confused, stuck, directionless, and discouraged and now I can’t believe the transformation. Within 1 week of working together, Amber helped me begin to sell something I was previously giving away for free and I have since seen consistent sales come in! I’ve also done my first webinar, and most importantly, I totally believe in my direction, myself and my business. I know exactly what my next 12 weeks look like, what I can expect, what I need to implement, and am confident I can do it all. I can’t recommend her enough and feel so blessed I found her to be my mentor.
Leah Gervais

I had the pleasure of joining my first mastermind group with Amber. I honestly had no idea of what to expect but was looking for some fellow entrepreneurs to connect with and bounce ideas off of. It was such a wonderful experience for me. I met some awesome ladies and I got to see them all accomplish so much in just 8 weeks, myself included. There is something about having accountability and a support group that really motivates you to push for your goals. Amber will be your biggest supporter. She truly wants you to succeed and it is amazing to have that type of person in your corner.
Lindsey Aleson

The Key Is Yours If You Want It…

Imagine bouncing out of bed every morning excited to get to work because you know that what you’re doing will lead to greatness…

Think of the calm that’ll come from living life at your pace when you can adjust strategies with ease and without sacrificing results…

Picture the day in which you strike the perfect balance of work and fun, knowing each day thereafter can be even better than the last.

Take a moment to really relish the confident comfort that comes from no longer just surviving, but THRIVING every. single. day.

It can all be YOURS with Unstick Your Stuck!

Don’t let your creative ego distract you!

You have so many amazing ideas, but without a plan in place, those ideas will forever remain just that – ideas. No profits. No success. No freedom.

I have no doubt you’re here because you’re meant to be. You were given this drive, this passion, this deep-in-your-gut KNOWING you’re meant to be your own boss FOR A REASON. 

Together we will ensure you never again border on burnout and think “Maybe the 9-5 world IS where I’m meant to be…”

Through Unstick Your Stuck, you’ll be given all the tools and know-how necessary to take your plans and turn them into profits. It’s a masterful combination of coaching and group support – two key components to your success! No one ever found long-term success without long-term planning and that’s exactly what we’ll create together: your long-term plan for prosperity.

Throughout the 8-weeks of Unstick Your Stuck, we’ll create and implement strategies for YOU that include:

  • Setting & strengthening your foundation so that you never again find yourself back at square one (this is especially important if you’re looking to maintain and build momentum when the kids go back to school!)
  • Mapping out goals you will actually achieve without selling yourself short
  • Monetization methods that you will put into place to allow you more freedom without surrendering your income (yes, we’re talking passive income streams here!)
  • Clearing the chaos to find clarity and motivation in your mission
  • How to build an affluent clientele or readership that pulls you from the month-to-month cycle and leaves you confident in your long-term profit capabilities
  • Upleveling without the kick back of pushing beyond your comfort zone
  • And so much more!!









Secure Your Spot for Only $347!

Nearly $400 of Bonuses Included:

  • The Business Planner’s Toolkit – workbooks, planners, and video tutorials to ensure you have everything necessary to plan for profits. (Value: $119)
  • Automation Education – the only course you need to set up and maintain automated marketing systems that allow you to save time without sacrificing a connection to your audience (Value: $49)
  • Pintessential Planning – a comprehensive course on everything Pinterest that is kept up-to-date as algorithms change (Value: $99)
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterclass – not only will you receive these highly prized bonuses as a part of Unstick Your Stuck, but you’ll also get a direct workshop with ME so that as you work through the bonuses, you can refer others at a healthy 60% commission rate with the potential to earn yourself THOUSANDS! (Value: $99)

This WILL Change Everything

Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms

Work whenever, wherever, and trust that the ideas you implement will continue the pathwork to success.

No more fear of failure

The days of scraping by every month, hoping you bring in enough money to make ends meet, are over.

Accountability to keep you moving forward

Those you meet within this mastermind group will be there to support you throughout these 8 weeks and beyond. It’s far time that working online was a little less lonely.
I have been part of a Mastermind Group that Amber led, as well as I am currently a client of hers for Digital Marketing and business coaching for all three of my online businesses. I have yet to have met anyone as knowledgeable and savvy about business and the online world, from Pinterest to Facebook groups, to creating a professional website that actually attracts clients!–You name it and Amber knows the most effective way to solve your marketing problem! If you are lucky enough to become one of her clients, you will have the best cheerleader in the world!
Lucy Seligman

Secure Your Spot for Only $347!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

We begin together on August 20th 2018. On this day you will receive access to the Week 1 Training as well as our live workshop schedule. It is incredibly important to me that we host the workshops at times that work with everyone’s schedule so we will have at least two sessions every week.

Will we have mandatory weekly calls?

There will be no weekly group calls, but there will be a workshop early on in which you will have the opportunity to practice your live-streaming skills. Being able to do video (or live audio) is crucial to connecting to your target market, so while there are no live group calls in the traditional sense, there will be multiple opportunities to hone your live-streaming skills. That said, we will still have workshops at least twice a week to work together as a mastermind.

Is this a planning program? 

This program goes far beyond meal planning or learning to say “no” to that which does not serve you. Unstick Your Stuck teaches you how to create a foundation of respect for your future self, allowing you to continuously set and achieve goals that keep you and your business moving forward. My primary focus is to go beyond just making decisions in a smart, efficient, and focused manner, but to then take action on said decisions.

But it’s not the decision making I struggle with, it’s the implementation!

And that’s exactly why this program is a group program. It can be hard to focus and implement when you’re doing it all on your own. So through this program, you’ll find that accountability along with space to cultivate these teachings into habits. When you implement time management strategies that actually work FOR you (rather than just creating more work that doesn’t) you grant yourself the capability to automate a lot of your decision-making and implementation processes. As you follow through with this program, you’ll find that when the big decisions do arise (and they will!) you won’t be consumed by stress or frozen by the inability to make a choice that leads in the right direction.

What if I miss one of the workshops? 

This program isn’t going anywhere. Once you invest in Unstick Your Stuck, you have lifetime access to all of the lessons and strategies provided during the entirety of the program. This means that you can revisit the tutorials and workshops as needed, whether it’s for a refresher on a certain strategy or to find the motivation to push through an unexpected roadblock. You’ll also have lifetime access to a supportive community that’s there and ready to hold you accountable to the goals and intentions you’ve established.

How much time can I expect this program to take on a weekly basis?

The live workshops will vary, depending on who needs help with what. That said, you can expect to spend about two hours/week for group work and implementation, but again this is all about efficiency. Those two hours in the group can save you ten hours elsewhere!

This program is created to help you move forward in an efficient manner. Each lesson is like a building block, meant to be stacked upon the prior lessons to keep you encouraged and driven towards success. No filler. No fluff. No nonsense.

I just started a blog six months ago; is this program for me?

This is not meant for anyone who is early on in their entrepreneurial journey. Make use of my free stuff first!! While we will certainly touch on things like mission statements, target market, and social media strategies, these trainings will be geared towards those who have many of the puzzle pieces already in place and need help finishing the picture.

How do I know this will work for me?

If you’ve read through this sales page and you’re still hesitant, I truly advise you to dive deeper into that doubt.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up, know that I’ll personally be there to ensure no one is left behind.

That said, I’m absolutely confident in the structure of Unstick Your Stuck combined with the benefits of a mastermind, that I offer a risk-free guarantee – I want you to try the program at MY risk, because I know the program works. If you aren’t 100% satisfied as you begin to work through the program, simply e-mail me within the first ten days and ask for your money back. I value you more than the cash, so if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

NOW is the time to invest in yourself and your capabilities. Your dreams are waiting to become reality, all you have to do is make the leap.

A Little Bit About Me….

My name is Amber Temerity and I’m a digital marketing consultant; I teach online business owners how to get out from under the overwhelm and make more money in less time.

What makes ME qualified to teach, you ask? Well, prior to launching my first for-profit blog in November of 2015 (which is still goin’ strong today!), I worked at a local college, helping students master time management, organizational leadership, and marketing.

In fact, I was so good at my job that United Way Worldwide named me Campus Advisor of the Year in 2014.

I spent over 7 years working in Education before deciding that my life lay elsewhere. I had grown tired of living for the weekend and working to make someone else rich. So I put my expertise to use and launched an e-course on budgeting. Since then, I’ve taught over 800 people how to better market themselves online and pull in higher profits with less pressure.

I am a work-at-home mom with two children, a daughter who is 3 and a son who is 4. My husband and I also have a 4 yr old dog, a 20 yr old cat, and two feral kittens who seem to think they’re moving in with us…

Life is always busy, but if you take the time each day to pause and recognize its beauty amidst the chaos, you’ll find each day shines a bit brighter than the last.