Have you heard of Tailwind Ghostwriter yet? It’s an absolutely incredible AI copywriting tool! And let’s face it – Drawing traffic to your site can be a lot easier when you have quality posts going up consistently, but it can get overwhelming quick! Consistently posting great, beneficial content is what separates successful bloggers and businesses from hobbyists, but who has the time to create and post reliably? Content creation can be a full-time job, and then you have to edit it, post it, and maintain a consistent publishing schedule.

Now full disclaimer – I was compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own. I am an affiliate for what I’m about to share. This means I may make a commission should you click through to make a purchase, but it in no way impacts my wholehearted belief that this tool is about to change your business in the best of ways…

So let’s talk about it – What if there were an easier way to have quality content produced on a regular basis that didn’t leave you wracking your brain and feeling frazzled? And what if this method was affordable and required very little effort from you? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you should know about Tailwind Ghostwriter!

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind originally came out as a marketing tool for Pinterest. In fact, I’ve been using it almost as long as I’ve been focused on Pinterest marketing (nearly 7 years for those counting!) Now it’s a no-brainer Multi-network solution for anyone creating content online.

So now only does it help you schedule posts at certain times each day, but Tailwind also helps you organize, plan, and create your posts so you have more time to do literally anything else besides posting.

With Tailwind, you simply plug in the content and links, and it does the work of posting for you. Finding your optimal post times and plugging them into the Tailwind scheduler takes away the hassle of posting multiple times a day!

And now with Tailwind Ghostwriter, content creation is going to get a lot less painful as well!

What is Tailwind Ghostwriter?

Tailwind Ghostwriter is a natural-sounding AI writing generator that can help create quality, engaging content for your site. Digital marketing made by AI has traditionally been left-of-human, but Tailwind Ghostwriter creates keyword-rich content that sounds authentic, provides value, and doesn’t sound forced or keyword-stuffed.

Tailwind has made consistent posting to Instagram and Pinterest easier and more efficient, and with Ghostwriter, they aim to do the same to social media and email content creation. Imagine a single platform to create, schedule, and post content, while reducing your overall time invested; that’s Tailwind Ghostwriter.

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Setting up Tailwind Ghostwriter

Setting up Tailwind Ghostwriter is extremely easy. You simply need to tell it what type of content, what it’s about, and then the SEO-related keywords and/or phrases you want it to target. Once you’ve uploaded your social media image to Tailwind, click the option that says “Ghostwrite for me”, after you’ve plugged in your inputs and Tailwind Ghostwriter does the rest. It will return several results based on your inputs and you can use them as they are, or change them as you see fit. Tailwind Ghostwriter makes it super easy to post across multiple platforms when you have writer’s block or simply don’t have the time to think up captions and copy.

Exploring Tailwind Ghostwriter’s Features

In addition to helping you create copy for your email or social media posts, Ghostwriter has a handful of other exciting features. First, you can use their AI image generator to craft unique visuals that help your post stand out from the competition.

Tailwind Ghostwriter also has a subject line generator that helps you ensure you’re grabbing the attention of your email list. All of this, along with Tailwind’s intuitive AI that learns optimal posting times and how best to direct your efforts to the best possible growth and reach.

Tailwind Ghostwriter for Pinterest

Of course my own personal favorite feature is that it will generate SEO-rich Pinterest descriptions for you! If you’re not yet familiar with Pinterest marketing, Pinterest is a visual search engine. And what does this mean for you? SEO is key on Pinterest! But if you’re not yet well versed in SEO, then writing keyword rich descriptions to actually rank on Pinterest can be tricky. That’s why I’m officially obsessed with using Tailwind’s AI copywriter to write up Pinterest Pin descriptions for me!

pinterest ghostwriter

Pinterest Pin Description Generator

Getting content from Tailwind Ghostwriter

Getting content from Ghostwriter is as simple as uploading your images or posts, adding in your target search information, answering a few Ghostwriter questions, and then clicking the “Ghostwrite for me” button. Your content will be generated and you can use it as Ghostwriter produced it, or make any changes you want. Ghostwriter can be an integrated part of your regular Tailwind scheduling process.

How much does Tailwind Ghostwriter cost?

Tailwind Ghostwriter is included in Tailwind’s Free Forever plan, meaning as soon as you download and start using Tailwind, you can utilize this powerful AI tool. If you love Ghostwriter, you can easily continue using it as part of your normal Tailwind schedule. If not, you don’t commit to anything – simply don’t use Ghostwriter, but continue to enjoy the Tailwind Free Forever plan.

As your business grows, if you want to pay for an upgraded Tailwind account, Ghostwriter is included as well. Your content will always benefit from Ghostwriter, no matter what level of Tailwind account you use! Even before the AI feature, scheduling with Tailwind saved me so much time! Now though? It’s a total gamechanger.

Taking your content to the next level

AI copy is only getting better, so if you struggle with content creation on your social media posts and emails, why not give Ghostwriter a try? Tailwind is already the premier social media scheduling tool, and Ghostwriter only makes it that much better. What’s best is that you can utilize the powerful machine-learning of Tailwind with their Free Forever plan and get the most out of your social media posts.

Tailwind Ghostwriter is a great tool for creating high-quality blog posts, email and social media copy with the help of AI. It’s so easy to set up and use Ghostwriter that you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. Give Tailwind Ghostwriter a try and see how quickly and easily your content comes together.