Pinterest Account Management

Have your stats flat-lined?

Or maybe you’ve been neglecting your Pinterest account and you’re not sure where to begin again?

Or maybe you’ve been trying out the “latest and greatest” advice each month only to see zero results?

Building a strategy on your own can feel incredibly overwhelming and sometimes we’re too close to a problem to see the solution before us; we need that extra set of eyes!

Let me be those eyes for you and help you get your account back on track to seeing growth AND results.

How I Will Help

Increase traffic to your site

Pinterest is king when it comes to driving traffic to your website, but only if you’ve optimized your account! This clean-up includes profile and board description updates to increase your reach in search results.

Get your pins in front of people

No one will be clicking through to your website if they’re not seeing your pins! This clean-up includes five pin templates created for you with SEO descriptions PLUS a custom how-to guide for future growth.

Higher views but low traffic?

Do you have a seemingly high reach but comparatively low traffic? We can fix that! Find out how to maintain your reach and get people to not just save your pins, but click through, too. This clean-up includes removal of group boards and a list of suggested new ones to join.

Stop struggling to piece it all together, wasting time when you could otherwise be profiting!


With this monthly management plan, you’ll get:

  • Profile and board description updates for the boards deemed useful to the account
  • Creation of additional boards as necessary with 10 pins added (30 pins will also be scheduled for those with Tailwind accounts)
  • A detailed plan of what was done, when, and why so you can continue seeing results even after our contract ends
  • Removal from group boards that do not serve you or your business
  • The joining of group boards and Tailwind tribes as deemed necessary
  • Daily scheduling of pins (up to 1,000/month), a mix of your own content plus niche-related, quality content from others
  • Weekly analytical study and result reports so you can feel confident in seeing results that remain
  • Creation of up to 5 pin images/month for split-testing, as desired
  • No locked in contracts. You can choose to do month-to-month for $500/month or opt in for 3 months for only $1,250!

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What People Are Saying

Rebekah Facciuto

LW Vogue

It was so helpful to hear an outside perspective and I totally agree with your suggestions.  I have been blogging for over 8 years now and nothing about it has come easily to me, but I keep plugging away.  I am so excited with this progress, and really want to build off of it. Thank you again for your encouraging words and help with my Pinterest strategy – I truly appreciate it!

Vicky Rubin

Tablets For Artists

Amber THANK YOU. That’s incredibly helpful. I once took an expensive Pinterest course and it was nowhere near as helpful as this!! I so appreciate you being willing to answer questions after, too. It really helps me know I’m heading in the right direction.

Iva Ursano

Amazing Me Movement

Love love love this girl!! I actually hired her to take care of my Pinterest account (after firing 3 other VA’s!!). I trust her with my life and my business. She’s smart, honest and patient. She made good sense with many of the things I was doing incorrectly AND offered fantastic tips and tweaks!! Thank you Amber!!! You da bomb!!!

Linda Spolarich

Linda's Loft for Little Learners

Thank you so much Amber for your tips and advice….I will definitely them immediately. This was the best Pinterest help ever! Thank you also for sending the notes along with the video…so personalized and easy to follow!

Deja Cronley

Deja Vu Decor Designs

I just read through the first analytical report and it was absolutely amazing! I’ll definitely be recommending your services to bloggers I know trying to build their Pinterest account!

Karen Knode Trepte

KT Finances

Amber gives sooo much value in this!! If you’re in her Facebook group then you already know how generous and thorough she is. Take her up on this offer!