Pin Pals

An online course for Pinterest Managers

Do NOT click “buy…”

I forbid it.

Yes, I know, I’m probably the one who sent you here in the first place, but…

Don’t even THINK about investing in another course until you read every word on this page.

Amber Lozzi

Say it with me now – the next course you invest in WILL be one that actually pays off

I’ve seen way too many people investing in courses after falling for the lame, tired tactics of supposed Pinterest marketing experts, only to end up with outdated fluff. It strikes a nerve that leaves me wanting to grab those “experts” by the ears and fling them from the internet FOREVER.

But there is another way…I know because it is mine!

That said, I’m not here to tell you why PinPals is better. I am here to show you…and once you have seen it with your own eyes, I promise you this:

You will never go back to your old ways again.

You will never be fooled…EVER!

This is really all you need to know:

PinPals is THE ONLY course for Pinterest Managers (or those who want to be!) that finally brings you clarity, structure, and success in a way that won’t leave your mind a muddled mess while you try to keep your eyelids open with toothpicks.

If you know any other course that allows you to create a system that’ll have clients begging just to be waitlisted…

If you can find me a management course that gives you back the time you invest x100…

Or show me a Pinterest course that actually makes you over-the-moon excited to sit down to learn and implement immediately…


So let’s think about this seriously for a minute –

You could hire a 1:1 consultant and spend between $1,500 building out a strategy that might work


You could stick to trying running Facebook ads crossing your fingers for .15+/click


You could spend 50+ hours trying to piece together free information from randos on the internet

But you’ll still —

+ never know what actually works BEST for YOUR target market

+ spend hours of your time trying to untangle half-cooked advice

+ find yourself stuck with outdated information that doesn’t work to actually bring you clients ready to open their wallets and hand over cash


How PinPals Works

Learn to Market Yourself in a Way that Works

Feel like you’re shouting into the void? No more! Learn to create a sales system that has people plugging in their payment info before they’re even halfway through your offer.

Onboard with Ease

If your onboarding process leaves you feel drained, frantic, and frazzled, you NEED PinPals. With templates and step-by-step tutorials, you’ll be able to onboard your first (or next!) client in a snap.

Keeping Connected

How many clients can you handle in any given month? You better figure that out before you enroll, because this course will have you waitlisting people before you know it! Through PinPals, you’ll learn to craft connections with your clients that leave them feeling genuinely excited to pay you month-after-month.

Why join now?

I’ll be hosting this course on Facebook, which is currently rolling out their new paid events platform. You will NEVER again see PinPals offered at such a mind-blowingly low rate.

Please note: There is only space for 40 people so if you miss out, you have only yourself to blame, as the next roll-out will be 10x (!!) the cost.

Also – and this is important so PAY ATTENTION – this course is NOT about learning Pinterest strategies!

This course is for those looking to work as Pinterest managers, so if you do not have the expertise to make Pinterest work, this is not the right place for you. 

What you’ll learn:

The classes will be held at 1pm EST May 23rd through May 26th, but recorded sessions will be available to those who cannot attend live.

Day 1/2 – Two part series on How to Market Yourself, including:

  • Creating a Sales Page That Sells
  • What to do if you don’t have case studies/testimonials
  • How to reach your ideal client
  • Taking advantage of free PR Opportunities
  • Crafting a results showcase that hooks on sight

Day 3 – Onboarding Your Clients

  • Laying out expectations and signing on the dotted line
  • Getting paid and gaining access
  • File sharing tips
  • Plus bonus contract and welcome email templates

Day 4 – Keeping Connected

  • How to create and deliver a results report
  • Designing templates and getting feedback
  • Communicating with clients
  • Plus bonus reports and pin design templates

I’ll also be choosing at least one lucky student to become my “go-to” for direct client referrals!

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When does this course start/finish?

If you wish to attend the live sessions, they’ll be held every day at 1pm Eastern from May 23rd through May 26th. Recorded sessions will then be available to you to refer back to as needed.

Who is this course for?

This course is geared toward those looking to add Pinterest Management to their offerings or for those who struggle to find clients each month as a Pinterest Manager.

Who should NOT take this course?

Anyone who is not looking to offer Pinterest Management services. This is NOT a course that dives deep into how Pinterest works. This is a course to work as a Pinterest manager. Do NOT take this course expecting to learn the ins-and-outs of Pinterest itself.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Sorry. I’ve had people in the past buy my courses, download everything, and then want their money back. *psst* that’s stealing and it’s not cool.

So for that reason – no refunds. Once again, make sure you’re ready to put in the work before hitting that buy button and there’s zero doubt in my mind you’ll be over-the-moon with your investment.

What People Are Saying

Rebekah Facciuto

LW Vogue

It was so helpful to hear an outside perspective and I totally agree with your suggestions.  I have been blogging for over 8 years now and nothing about it has come easily to me, but I keep plugging away.  I am so excited with this progress, and really want to build off of it. Thank you again for your encouraging words and help with my Pinterest strategy – I truly appreciate it!

Vicky Rubin

Tablets For Artists

Amber THANK YOU. That’s incredibly helpful. I once took an expensive Pinterest course and it was nowhere near as helpful as this!! I so appreciate you being willing to answer questions after, too. It really helps me know I’m heading in the right direction.

Iva Ursano

Amazing Me Movement

Love love love this girl!! I actually hired her to take care of my Pinterest account (after firing 3 other VA’s!!). I trust her with my life and my business. She’s smart, honest and patient. She made good sense with many of the things I was doing incorrectly AND offered fantastic tips and tweaks!! Thank you Amber!!! You da bomb!!!

Linda Spolarich

Linda's Loft for Little Learners

Thank you so much Amber for your tips and advice. This was the best Pinterest help ever! Thank you also for sending the notes and numbers updates…so personalized and easy to follow!

Deja Cronley

Deja Vu Decor Designs

I just read through the first analytical report and it was absolutely amazing! I’ll definitely be recommending your services to bloggers I know trying to build their Pinterest account!

Karen Knode Trepte

KT Finances

Amber gives sooo much value in this!! I saw immediate results, which isn’t something most people get with Pinterest! If you’re in her Facebook group then you already know how generous and thorough she is. Take her up on this offer if there’s space available, don’t wait!

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