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When I launched my first for-profit blog (after having been a hobby blogger since 2000!), I never knew that Pinterest would play such a significant role in my growth.

I mean sure – I had fun with it. I loved finding motivational workout quotes and tips for parenting my two kids under two, but use it for my blog? Hmmm..

But one of my favorite gals to follow – Addi Ganley – swore by Pinterest so I figured I had to try it out!

Within two months, I was already seeing my profits grow to where I was making more money with my website than I could ever hope to make with my career in Higher Ed.

Less than 6 months after launch, I was able to walk away from said career to become the work-from-home mom that I am today.

I’m six years into my six-figure business, living life on my terms, and still making use of Pinterest to bring in leads, site traffic, and thousands in profits each and every month.

It’s time to sign up for my free 5-day video series and get to work on making your dreams a reality. I know you’ve got it in you to profit from your passions, and Pinterest can help you get there.