Do you have an editorial calendar for YOUR online business?

You KNOW consistency is key in making a success of your business, but how do you follow through on that?

Whenever you sit down to work, do you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor, quickly distracted by Facebook or a new email?

If you’re in my Facebook community, you’ve heard me say dozens of times that no matter what kind of entrepreneur you are, you should have a blog. It sets up such an easy pathway for readers (and potential clients!) to find you.

Perhaps you hear me say that, though, and you think “That’s great, Amber, but I don’t have the time for that!”

And to that I say – PISHPOSH!

You have the time, you’re just using it to market your business in other more ineffective, exhausting, and costly ways.

If you run an online business, you should have a blog. Period.

It’s the easiest way to share your value and expertise, bring traffic to your website with ease, and get eyeballs on all your goodies (but only in the best of ways – pinky promise!)

So about we bust through those excuses and you give me half an hour to prove to you that writing blog posts on a consistent basis really IS easier than you think…

When I launched my first for-profit blog (after having been a hobby blogger since 2000!), I knew that my only chance at success was through planning.

At the time I was working in Higher Education, outside the home 7am-7pm, with two kids under two and ZERO support beyond my husband.

So after I made the conscious decision to really give credence to the idea that I could profit with blogging, the very first thing I did was to create an Editorial Calendar.

At the time my SEO skills were “beginner” to say the least and while I was well-experienced in marketing for others, I wasn’t confident I could actually get people to my stuff.

But I did it anyway – I made content planning a priority.

Within two months, I was already seeing my profits grow to where I was making more money with my website than I could ever hope to make with my career in Higher Ed.

Less than 6 months after launch, I was able to walk away from said career to become the work-from-home mom that I am today.

I’m six years into my six-figure business, living life on my terms, and still making use of my own Editorial Calendar to map out content that brings in leads, site traffic, and thousands in profits each and every month.

Ready to get to work on making your dreams a reality? Let’s get to it!