Facebook Marketing


Let me guess – last night, you spent a little too much time on Facebook, so you had to stay up late to finish prepping for the next day.

When you finally did get to bed, you were so consumed by all you had to get done that it took you forty-five minutes to fall asleep, even though you’re bone-tired exhausted.

Your alarm sounds, despite you feeling as though you’d JUST fallen asleep, so you hit the snooze button over and over. Suddenly you’re 30 minutes behind schedule, there’s no time for breakfast, and you are C-R-A-N-K-Y!

Everyone gets exactly 24 hours a day, not a minute more or less, no matter who you are. So how do some people manage to accomplish a lot more than others with the same number of hours—and with less stress, too?

It’s all about efficiency and planning!

The less time you waste toddling about, the more time you have for the important stuff. Similarly, if you use your hours more effectively, you’ll discover that you have more time to do what you WANT to do, instead of what you HAVE to do.

If you find yourself pouring countless hours into your Facebook marketing strategy and yet you’re not seeing the results you should, it’s time to admit you need some help.

How I Will Help

Increase Your Page Likes

I never ever use programs that buy “followers” or “likes.” Rather, I work to cultivate content and implement strategies that brings about followers naturally. With this offer, you can expand your social proof and bring in warm leads faster.

Get People Engaged!

You can schedule out content to your heart’s desire, but if it’s not content people want to engage with then guess what? You’re wasting your precious time once again! Through this customizable package, I’ll work to create content that leaves your audience eager for more.

Higher Reach, Better Success

If your stats have flat-lined and you feel lucky to see even ten likes a week, then we’ve gotta work on that reach! While consistency is certain a big factor in how far you’ll go, there are other components at play here. By hiring me to handle your Facebook page, you’ll see positive results all around.

It’s time to stop just “putting stuff out there” and crossing your fingers something will stick. Facebook is such a powerful marketing tool, but you have to know how to use it!


With this customized offer, you can get help with:

  • Growing your Facebook page reach and “likes” organically, but quickly.
  • Facebook ad set-up and ROI analysis
  • Knowing what content your audience wants to see more of versus what flops like a dud
  • Mapping out a full monthly marketing plan so you’ll know how to DIY if/when you decide to go back to that route
  • Creating videos that sell
  • Tactics that allow for connections to warmer leads in less time

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What People Are Saying

Andrea Hensgen

Sauk Valley Foodbank

Before Amber came along, we didn’t even have a website! Then when we handed over our Facebook reins…holy WOW! She grew our page (without ads) to over 300 likes in barely a month. Now our reach is stronger than ever and thanks to her help, we’re all the better able to serve our community and ensure those in need are able to get in touch with us whenever they need.

WCP Preschool

Two years ago, our school was floundering. We knew we were one of the best of the best, but getting the word out there was tricky. Enter: Amber Temerity Lozzi. Thanks to Amber our Facebook page is now active, engaging, and we’re able to reach those in our area looking for a preschool like ours! With her marketing expertise, there’s no doubt we’ll never again struggle to fill our quota.

KnowHorsePlay Farm

I’m so not a Facebook kind of person but I know it’s a must these days. Hiring Amber to manage our Facebook page was truly one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business (a business that’s existed for nearly 20 years so that’s sayin’ somethin’!) She helps us know what to say and when so our customers are always eager to come back to visit. Thank you, Amber!!