From March 1st through March 5th, we’re going to kick off the EBS reLaunch party and there’s no better way to do it than by spotlighting some of the best and brightest folks I know!

There are two ways to step into the spotlight as we celebrate all week long –

1. You can do a 15-20 minute live on your own, sharing some valuable insight into the topic of your choice. You’re welcome to pitch anything you’d like, save for your own Facebook group – let’s keep the party goin’ at my place, eh?

2. We can go at it interview style together – a 30-45 minute session (live or pre-recorded, your choice!) We’ll talk about what makes you an expert in your industry and why people should learn from you, while you toss a few golden nuggets of wisdom our way.

In exchange for letting your brilliance shine, you’ll not only be reaching the 1,300+ people in EBS, but I’ll be promoting you to my own e-mail list of 5k and in my other Facebook group (Pinterest Pals) which currently has over 8k members.

So what say you – ready to step into the spotlight?

All you have to do is fill out this form and I’ll be in touch shortly to get you on the schedule!