I don’t know about you, but ever since last March….*phew* I could REALLY use a good party.

I am seriously like a dog with two tails right now…

In case you haven’t yet heard the news – I’ve unarchived and reviving Entrepreneurs and Bloggers in the Spotlight, a Facebook community where we always value collaboration over competition!

We’re celebrating BIG and you can get on the VIP list to snag a bonus opportunity to win some of the prizes we’ll be giving away all week long…

Oh? I forgot to mention the prizes??

Silly me, let me grab my bullhorn because if ever an announcement called for me to be extra obnoxiously loud……


Oh but it gets even better —

The main purpose to Entrepreneurs & Bloggers in the Spotlight (EBS) is to lift each other up, celebrate each other’s wins, and learn to not only embrace the confidence that comes with stepping into our own spotlights, but to share that light with others.

So as such…Check out these PHENOMENAL experts that’ll be sharing their genius with us during this industry-changing reLaunch Party —

Catch the Replays and Win!

SOS: Systems of Success – Let us know how systems make you feel and you can win a Systems & Social Media Audit from Karen Carey, normally $1,497!

Unlocking the Unconcious Mind – learn about the Law of Attraction with Mia Belle and share your biggest takeaway in the comments to win A Hero’s Daily Journal!

Dream BIG and Be Your Extraordinary Self – Mindset Ontological Coach Steph Kafoury will help you explore what’s limiting you so you can finally start to achieve the results you want! Plus she’s offering one lucky winner four 1:1 coaching sessions, normally $1,000! (Prize claimed, congrats N.H.!)

3 Reasons Why Your E-mail List is a Hot Mess (and how to fix it!) – let us know your favorite ESP and you could win an e-mail welcome series audit from Jen Wilson (normally $249!)

How to Make Eye-Catching Courses Online – comment and you could win a pre-designed course workbook and course presentation template with Lisa Oosthuizen!

Sales Page Design in a Day – Not feeling great about sales pages? Comment for a chance to win a sales/Landing page audit from Sarah Guillot (worth $450!)

Legally Protecting Your Business – you could win a contract template of your choice from Kelli Jones!

Table Talk with the Queen of Reframe – share with us your biggest takeaway and you could win an autographed book or get a 90-minute Clarity to Cash call with the Queen of Reframe herself, Carol Boston (normally $750!)

Building a Business + Self Care While Parenting – check out Ashlie’s video and you could win a 600mg CBD tincture + lotion of your choice courtesty of Ashlie Yair with Chowan Hemp!

Guarantee Repeat Clients with a Premium Customer Experience – comment to win a 60-minute coaching session with Katrina Widener (prize claimed, congrats J.R.!)

Self-Hypnosis and Business – watch me go through self-hypnosis in real time and you could win a self-hypnosis session with Lucy Seligman (normally $197!)

Stepping Into the Power of Your Story – are you using your story? Yes, no, maybe? Let us know in the comments and you could get a 1:1 blogging strategy call with Samantha Laycock (valued at $911!)

Courage Over Confidence – Go from “perfectly average” to living your best, most exceptional life and earn a chance to win Amanda Swartz’s Becoming Unstuck E-course!

Pricing Confidently – Do you struggle with pricing? Tune in to Janene, Europe’s most trusted pricing strategist for small businesses and a Certified Pricing Professional.

Create Your Business Legacy – tune in and prepare to be inspired as Jasmin Haley shares how to build out your own business legacy!

Mastering Instagram Reels – Not sure where to start with IG reels? Tune in and learn from Anjum Bhandari!

Starting Over with Passion – Iva Ursano of Amazing Me Movement shares with us her story of starting over in a new country and following her heart.

High Ticket Sales Mindset – Natacha Parmantier explores how to develop and strengthen your mindset to close those high ticket sales.

Repurposing Content to Save Sanity – Tune in as we chat with Felly Day about effective ways to repurpose across multiple platforms.

Managing Anxiety at Work and at Home – Do you struggle with anxiety in work and/or at home? Liz Coalts shares some of her best tips to get that under control so you can move forward in a calm, positive way.

Find Self-Love Through Creative Expression – Jabeen Qadri shares how creativity helps us heal every day and her 5-step method for finding empowerment and self-love through creative expression.

Personal Development: The Stories in Your Mind – How can you release the repeated mental and emotional stories that keep you in doubt so you can live your deepest desires? Find out with Gila Nehemia as she teaches us ways to release and listen to the intuitive wisdom within us.

Mastering Your Mindset – Having the right mindset is key to everything you do! Danielle Abbott shares what might just be your barrier to success and action items to overcome it.

The Elusive Secret to Happy & Healthy – Estie Alessandrini walks us through three of the best ways to instantly upgrade your health and happiness.

Making Your Content Live Longer – What’s the best way to ensure the time you’re putting into content creation actually lasts? Join Stefanie Gary as she unveils the best ways to lengthen the life of your content!

Tackling the Fear of Being Seen – If you struggle with the fear of being seen, don’t miss Stacey Hagan as she shares how to manage this fear and be more visible.

Activate Your Confidence & Uncover the Power of Your Own Voice – Ready to use your voice to reflect your authentic Self and unlock your creative potential? Join Carine Sroujian as she teaches us how to fall in love with your current sound and open your throat chakra to speak with more confidence.

Networking on Social Media – Lindsey White shares exactly what networking is on social media and how you can create connections that matter!

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest – Nina Macarie shares her top ten tips on how to be a fantastic (and memorable!) podcast guest.

Overcome Self-Doubt to Grow Your Business – Join Olivia Charlet as she walks you through how to change a limiting belief into an empowering one and the exact steps to take when self-doubt shows up in your business.

Personal Branding: How to Make 2021 YOUR Year – Tune in while Jenna Milne provides genius insight into how to navigate your TRUE WHY using a key NLP technique that will unblock your subconcious.

How to Create a Profitable Podcast (Without Relying on Ad Sponsorships!) – Jenny Suneson shares some behind-the-scenes tips to creating a profitable podcast, including exactly what you’ll need to get started and get profitable from the start!

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Professional Brand -Michelle West shares with us how to build a LinkedIn profile that gets the right kind of attention. Plus she’ll share how to nurture your network and give us some great examples as to what to post (and what not to).

Take Your Business Idea & Run With It – Carly Hamilton-Jones inspires us with her story of how she used her seemingly negative experiences to create an entire business that now helps women move through self-doubt to blaze their own money-making trail.

Master Your CEO Mindset – Ready to master your CEO success habits? Then you’ll definitely want to join Samantha Quemby as she shares her expert insight into just why mindset matters for business success.

Setting Up Your Biz Financials for Success – There’s little that can be more stressful that trying to DIY your business finances all on your own! That’s why you should definitely be joining us as Ary Michele teaches us how to setup financials in a supportive way and use that money to scale sustainably.

Interrupting the Fear: How to Stop Feeling Like an Imposter – Danielle Uhl talks with us about our brain’s job in imposter syndrome and the #1 way you can disrupt that fear that’s holding you back!

Sales Tax 101 for E-Commerce Sellers – This is a must-watch for those of you in e-Commerce! Join Susan Petracco as she shares important insight into how sales tax software will save you time and how Streamlined Sales Tax will benefit your business.

How to Turn Your Mess Into Your Message & Launch a Podcast – Sabrina Scholkowski dives into how to turn insecurities into a powerful tool that leads to unstoppable success! This’ll include some incredible tips on how to start a podcast and share your story to connect deeper with your audience.

Boosting Your Energy Naturally: Simple Strategies to Get Through the Day Without Relying on Caffeine and Sugar – Gaylene Gomez talks us through something every entrepreneur needs at one point or another – more energy! It goes beyond heathier eating, and in fact involves four different areas to focus on. Think you know which one you need to focus on? We’ll find out…

Why You Need a Signature System – Adrienne Matt walks us through the importance of a signature system, what it does, and how it can dramatically change your business for the better.

Finding & Attracting the Right Clients with Instagram – Macy Augustus shines a light on exactly why you should be using Instagram for your business (and why you should be excited to do so!!) If you find yourself stuck as to whether to post to the feed, reels, stories, or all of the above, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Friday March 5th

Carin Kilby Clark - How to Write Persuasive Copy

If you struggle with writing persuasive copy that gets people hooked, you need to tune in Carin Kilby Clark on Friday at 9am EST!

Carin Kilby Clark, MBA is a mom, certified master marketer, and business consultant based in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. She speaks, writes, and coaches women entrepreneurs about intention, focus, and success in life & business. Carin is the Co-Founder of Mixed Media Pros, a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs grow their income and impact with scalable digital offers.

Find Carin on CarinKilbyClark.com and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Priya Shah - Manifestation in Business

Join Priya Shah on Friday at 11am EST as she guides us toward a deeper understanding of manifestation and find the confidence in doing so.

Find Priyah at XOPriyaShah.com and on Instagram!

Nausheen Saumtally - Self Sabotage in Business Building

Join us Friday at 12:20pm EST as we hear from Nausheen Saumtally on what exactly self-sabotage in, how and why it shows up, and the technique you need to know to finally stop it in its path.

Nausheen Saumtally is a Business Mindset Coach and Trainer helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their business with 100% confidence to succeed. She is also a DISC behavioral analysis expert and brings this into her coaching creating alignment between the entrepreneur and their business. With her background in business development at Microsoft and as corporate coach & trainer, Nausheen has worked with a wide range of leaders across the world, helping them transform their businesses and performance for optimal outcomes. She is passionate about personal development, with focused attention on mindset, self-discovery and communication. Nausheen’s driving purpose is to be a catalyst for change, action and positivity.

Find Nausheen on Elevate-Now.ca and on Facebook and Instagram!

Allison Vercelli - Six Figure Success & Network Marketing

Leave what you think you know about Networking Marketing at the virtual door and come learn from one of the best of the best! At 1:30pm EST on Friday, Allison Vercelli will unveil the key to success with network marketing and the three must-know ways to hit your income goals.

Allison has achieved multiple six figure success in network marketing and wants to help other women to do the same. Allison didn’t have the fast start that you hear so many leaders talk about. Her doubts, fears and insecurities held her back (can you relate?) and she did nothing with her business for an entire year and actually LOST money in the industry. But then she made shifts and did the work necessary to turn her business around. Now, her passion is helping women to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, set goals, do the work and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams!

Find Allison at AllisonVercelli.com and on Facebook and Instagram!

Jodi Perez - The Bloggers Business Model: How to Create and Control Your Income Without Building Products

Tune in at 4pm EST as Jodi Perez walks us through her daily to-do list for successful blogging!

Jodi is a content strategist, and a work at home mom of three who has spent that last 4 years building a profitable mommy blog. She’s has a knack for seeing connections that other people miss and she uses that skill to help creators turn their unorganized blogs into a sustainable income system.

Find Jodi at WithABlog.com and on Facebook and Instagram.

Tara Trottier - Optimizing Your Instagram Sales Funnel

Tune in Friday at 6pm EST as Tara Trottier shares her brilliant insight into how to effectively leverage your Instagram profile to capture, nurture, and convert leads with ease. If you’re ready to create demand for your high ticket services as a done-for-you service provider or coach, this is must-watch workshop!

Tara is a 25 year old marketing coach and consultant for wellness professionals looking to expand their personal brands and add additional streams of revenue online. She helps her clients get out of their comfort zones and get on video to sell high ticket on social media with ease! Destigmatizing mental healthcare and access are central to her brand’s mission.

Find Tara on TaraOnDemand.ca and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!