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My name is Amber Temerity and I’m here to lead you towards a profitable business that is fueled by passion, not stress.

If you’re overwhelmed by your business,

spending 10+ hours per day,

and not seeing money-making results,

we need to talk.

In the first 10 days after my services site launch, I…

> Had 350+ amazing people join my empowering Facebook community

> Ran a lead-generating FB ad at $0.11 (CPC) that converted at 40%

> Had 650+ download my editorial calendar template + training

> Averaged 1,200 PVs/day

And I did it ALL while being a work-at-home mom with two toddlers! Oh and I kept the house clean (well, like 82% of the time…)

Wondering how?

By implementing efficiency strategies and outcome-driven marketing programs that worked for ME.

And I can do the exact same for YOU.

I work as a marketing strategist and blog mentor for those who find themselves stuck, trapped in the cycle of fear, wanting desperately to break free and find the success we both know you’re capable of.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards turning your dream into a reality, let’s talk!

I’d love to work with you!

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What People Are Saying

Tanya Mulqueen

Tanya Mulqueen

I did Amber’s two-call intensive program to help me move from “beginner” blogger to the next level. I wasn’t confident that I was doing the right things to grow my audience and build my presence on social media and Pinterest. After evaluating my social sites and my website, she was able to provide me with an actionable plan to make the necessary changes I needed to make to put my audience growth on an upward trajectory.

She has a great knack for identifying gaps and pulling together a plan around how to fill those gaps to keep moving forward. Her subject matter expertise in the content marketing is impressive – she knows what it takes to get readers engaged and keep them coming back for more.

I’m so glad I was able to work with Amber. Not only is she an impressive businesswoman, her authenticity is refreshing and her positivity is infectious.

Shelbi Moore

Shelbi Moore

I have been following Amber for a while and I am a member of her Facebook group which has already really helped me grow my brand! I had been feeling really overwhelmed by all of the things that come along with creating content, maintaining a brand presence, producing some form of income while trying to drive traffic into another business! She did an amazing job at diving deep into my businesses and helping me see how to bridge the two together in a seamless way. She gave a TON of feedback on quick changes I needed to make to my Website, Blog, Pinterest, and Social Media Platforms. She also mapped out a TON of content for me to start using in all the places as well as created mock Pinterest Images and gave me the template.
She has been wonderful to work with and I plan to continue to use Amber when I start to feel a little unsure of my direction or just need a second set of eyes! Thanks so much Amber for everything you have done so far and continue to do!

Lucy Seligman

Lucy Seligman

I have been part of a Mastermind Group that Amber led, as well as I am currently a client of hers for Digital Marketing and business coaching for all three of my online businesses. I have yet to have met anyone as knowledgeable and savvy about business and the online world, from Pinterest to Facebook groups, to creating a professional website that actually attracts clients!–You name it and Amber knows the most effective way to solve your marketing problem! If you are lucky enough to become one of her clients, you will have the best cheerleader in the world!

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