Okay so let’s be frank here –

Getting a digital presence audit is like going to your annual check-up…

t’s not necessarily fun, sometimes even a touch painful, but it’s the only way to make sure you spot the small problems before they become big ones.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll get when you invest in a Digital Presence Audit:

Provides a complete picture

It’s essential to know that each part of your digital presence complements another, so that they can be stacked upon each other and turn your business into a virtual money printing machine!

Instills confidence in your story

Does what people see online match the story you’re meaning to tell? Find out without spending thousands of dollar piecing out each part of your business to one expert at a time!


Identify strengths + weaknesses

Get much needed insight into the performance of your cumulative efforts thus far – which parts are your money makers vs which are your time suckers.

You could try to DIY an audit and hope you’re not too close to spot the problems for what they are…


You can ditch the excuses and finally invest in an actual Digital Presence Audit

Snag Your Audit Now!

With this audit, you’ll get:


  • Tips on not just WHAT to fix, but how and why you should do so thus ensuring you can continue to grow in a positive direction

  • A recorded walk-through as I take my virtual fine tooth comb and evaluate your on page SEO, complete a social profile review of up to 4 platforms, offer an overview of your general site UX, and provide an online reputation analysis


  • Multi-page strategic plan so you can always refer back to everything mentioned in the recording and then some. It’s like a “to do” list built especially for you!


  • All the how + what + why you need to start seeing MORE results in LESS time!

Just a few notes of kindness from happy clients:

Karen Knode Trepte

KT Finances

Amber gives sooo much value in this audit!! If you’re in her Facebook group then you already know how generous she is. Take her up on this offer!