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You have the power to make 2019 your best year yet, but do you have the plans to do so?

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This business planning bundle includes:

  • 16-page organizational planner (undated)
  • 30 Day Gratitude Journal
  • 25-page business planning guide and worksheets
  • Finding and working with your target market
  • How to actually profit from affiliate marketing
  • Drafting an editorial calendar that actually inspires you to write
  • Identifying your strengths, goals, and obstacles
  • Guidance on guest posting and bolstering SEO
  • Planning for your money makers every quarter so you’re not scrambling to keep up
  • Affirmations to keep you from bordering on burnout
  • Planning and assessment worksheets to make each month better than the last
  • Crafting a Facebook marketing strategy that works
  • Before/After publishing checklist
  • PLUS 19 video tutorials to help you in making 2019 your best year in business thus far
  • AND bonus worksheets, including expense reports and self-ping tracking.

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What this bundle has to offer


Make Sense of Marketing

This bundle will help you master audience acquisition and turn readers into eager buyers! No more feeling like you have to spend every day online in order to profit from your passions.


Connect with Your Customers

Who are your customers and why should they buy from you? Stop with the struggle of sales and identify your buyers without feeling like you’re running in circles trying to find them.


Content Creation

No more wracking your brain trying to come up with fresh content each and every week. This bundle will help you plan out your blog posts, marketing, and promotional materials with ease!

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A Little Bit About Me….

My name is Amber Temerity and I’m a digital marketing consultant and blogging mentor; I teach online business owners how to get out from under the overwhelm and make more money in less time.

What makes ME qualified to teach, you ask? Well, prior to launching my first for-profit blog in November of 2015 (which is still goin’ strong today!), I worked at a local college, helping students master time management, organizational leadership, and marketing.

In fact, I was so good at my job that United Way Worldwide named me Campus Advisor of the Year in 2014.

I spent over 7 years working in Education before deciding that my life lay elsewhere. I had grown tired of living for the weekend and working to make someone else rich. So I put my expertise to use and launched an e-course on budgeting. Since then, I’ve taught over 800 people how to better market themselves online and pull in higher profits with less pressure.

I am a work-at-home mom with two children, a daughter who is 3 and a son who is 4. My husband and I also have a 4 yr old dog and two feral kittens who seem to think they’re moving in with us…

Life is always busy, but if you take the time each day to pause and recognize its beauty amidst the chaos, you’ll find each day shines a bit brighter than the last.