This is it – your moment of truth.

It’s time to a pick a path and you have one of three choices –


ONE – You keep doing what you’re doing, bouncing from one supposed expert to another, hoping they will finally be the one to crack to code to your troubles (though we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to Crashnburnville…)

TWO – You can try to craft strategies on your own…it might work…or at least work better than what you have been doing…but you wouldn’t be here if “better” was good enough, right?

THREE – You can invest in Strategizing for Success and finally break free from the energy-sucking tedious bits of your business that stand between you and your money. Together we can build out and implement strategies that lead to longterm success and easier, but more profitable, business growth.

I mean…only one of these choices makes any sense at all, but the choice is yours to make…you’re the one who chooses which path will finally find you the success you know you’re capable of.

Working with Amber totally turned my blog around. I went into it confused, stuck, directionless, and discouraged and now I can’t believe the transformation. Within 1 week of working together, Amber helped me begin to sell something I was previously giving away for free and I have since seen consistent sales come in! I’ve also done my first webinar, and most importantly, I totally believe in my direction, myself and my business. I know exactly what my next 12 weeks look like, what I can expect, what I need to implement, and am confident I can do it all. I can’t recommend her enough and feel so blessed I found her to be my mentor.

Leah Gervais,

Do you know of any other fool-proof way to find the relief in knowing this is one outsourcing venture that won’t leave you disappointed?

Know of any other solution that effectively creates space in your calendar so you can actually focus on what you love about your business?

Know of any other program that allows you to leave behind the debilitating drain of “too many ideas, not enough time”?

That’s a big NOPE, isn’t it?


Here are just some of the things you get when you invest in Strategizing for Success:


  • Me in your back pocket as your mentor, systems expert, and cheerleader (though please don’t actually try to stick me in your back pocket, I won’t fit and I don’t want you tearing your pants)

  • 60-minute calls every 7-10 days plus an open line of communication with a guaranteed e-mail response time of 24 hours


  • A giddy-giggly-bubbly feeling your tummy that you’ll know is from the excitement of going from barely surviving to thriving (and not last night’s meatloaf gone sour)


  • Personalized strategies e-mailed to you after every call that outline your goals for the week, your success thus far, and your plan of action moving forward


  • The creation of successful site pathways that consistently turn prospects into profits, no matter where the lead is coming from


  • Access to supplemental materials, such as worksheets, video tutorials, graphic templates, and my own personal tools used to brainstorm and build out content

Still asking yourself – Is it really possible to go from the frenzy of just trying to keep up on your own to the solace that comes with me in your corner in as little as 45 days without the pain, suffering, and hopelessness that you’ve been living with for years?


Yes. Yes, it is.

And through Strategizing for Success, together we will make that happen.

Here are just a few more love notes sent my way

(and no I didn't pay them to send me sweet nothings, Girl Scout promise!)

I had the pleasure of working with Amber to get a better understanding of efficient social media strategies and efficiency strategies in blogging and other forms of content, such as video and online courses. Amber will work with you to create a clear action plan to reach your goals. Even if you implement half of her strategies, you WILL see results. Her teaching style is friendly, and she provides a step-by-step approach with no fluff or filler. I learned so much from her, and I wholeheartedly recommend working with her to learn efficient online business practices and strategic planning.

Roshni Gandhi

If you are not sure where to take your business or want to up-level fast, talk to Amber. She helped me get focused and make a solid plan. More than a coach because she doesn’t wait for you to figure out steps. You do it together. If you are stuck, I highly recommend you connect with Amber.

Elena Peters

I’ve spent the last couple of months frustrated by both my blog’s performance and lackluster business sales. Amber was able to give me straight-forward advice and strategies to improve not only the look and feel of my blog, but she provided immediate, actionable advice geared toward making improvements. She was friendly, direct, and even followed up our consultation with a summary of her recommendations for me to review again as needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!


Trisha Marmo