Tired of a world in which everything was so sped up, as if someone had their finger glued to the “fast forward” button.

Like many people, I used to live for the weekends. With only 90 minutes between getting home from work and bedtime, I constantly thought “There’s no way I can do [this] today, I’ll do it this weekend!”

[This] being writing a blog post, folding clothes, paying bills, whatever!

Then the weekend would come and I’d be too swamped with laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, etc. to actually enjoy spending time with my family like I wanted to.

Meanwhile I was working 40+ hours every week and (thanks to daycare costs) was barely taking home $2.50/hr!

Something had to change.

So in November 2015 I launched a frugal-living blog for parents called Thrifty Guardian.

Within four months I opened the cart on my first e-course. 25 spots, sold out in less than 10 days.

Within six months, I said goodbye to my career in Higher Ed.

I’ve now been running my own six-figure business from home for over eight years and helping other women learn how to do the same. As a blogging mentor and digital marketing strategist, I not only teach people how to profit from their passions, but I show them how to do it in such a way that still allows for a life of freedom.

About Amber Lozzi

Should you care who I am?

Well, unless you’re a blogger with too many ideas and not enough time, then no – maybe not.

But if you *are* a creative genius with nary a system or strategy in sight to actually profit from your passions, then maybe…jusssst maybe…you should read on.

I was a hobby blogger for nearly 20 years and used to work in Higher Ed, helping students of all ages master organizational leadership and marketing, but then in 2015 a cat threw up in my shoe and convinced me to quit my job to pursue blogging for real (…but that’s a story for another time!)

I’ve since spent countless hours dedicating myself to crafting the best possible systems for content planning, profitability lines, and automated marketing strategies – not just for myself, but for dozens of clients and over 800 successful students.

I’ve come a long way since Geocities and Neopets, and only occasionally still refer to it as “weblogging” –

I’m Amber Lozzi and if you’re struggling to get out from under the overwhelm of digital marketing, then I’m definitely the droid…err I mean marketing strategist you’re looking for!

Amber Lozzi

Projects and Clients:

See Springfield Website Built by Amber Lozzi
See Springfield Website Built by Amber Lozzi
See Springfield Website Built by Amber Lozzi
See Springfield Website Built by Amber Lozzi